Aenon Health Care


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Aenon Health Care operates a Lifestyle Center located about half an hour from Melaka town. The Lifestyle Center has the concept of a home-style live-in environment for interaction among the guests but also provides the freedom of space for those who require some time to be alone. Established since 1999, the Lifestyle Center was opened for service, offering lifestyle programs that renew body, mind and spirit in a Christian context, and services guests of all religions and races. This Lifestyle Center can accommodate to a maximum of 15 guests capacity comfortably and provide health package programs to restore health through lifestyle medicine; incorporating health education, preventive medicine and simple natural remedies. Although most of our guests are suffering from various degenerative diseases such as atherosclerotic heart disease, diabetes, obesity, high blood pressure, and various autoimmune diseases; the health guests we accept do not require extensive nursing care and are for the most part fully ambulatory; while others are simply seeking to enhance their health through our services enjoying a health retreat! The Lifestyle Center is managed by a dedicated and caring team of experienced health care providers consisting of the doctor, nurse, trained therapists and health educators. After a careful health evaluation, each guest will receive a personal conditioning program tailored to meet their needs.